Golden rain tree extract better than nicotine patches!



Extract of golden rain tree proved to be better than nicotine patches for help to quit smoking.
This might be a totally new approach….and it's apparentyl also cheaper. (see link)

Controversy: Mobile Apps That Deliver Advice and Therapy..?

Can your smartphone replace your therapist?

There are quite a number of apps for both iPhone and Android that claim to be helpful for certain conditions, includind psychiatric symptoms....

The evidence, however, is lacking in many cases and some apps may actually be harmful.


Read the article here:
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Nitrous oxide against therapy resistant depression?

Well, it seems to work in this pilot study’

20 therapy resistant depressed patients were given inhalations of nitrous oxide or placebo – and the group given nitrous oxide showed improvement on depression scores.

Nitrous oxide, like ketamine, works as an NMDA receptor antagonist. This could be their shared mechanism of action in depression.

Now the result has to be confirmed in a larger group.