Appointments by telephone or video during COVID-19 Pandemia

Due to current developments, patients may contact me by telephone or video during office hours. For the time being, I cannot to schedule apointments fpr new patients.

If possible, telephone or video appointments are preferred and can be reimbursed like any other appointment.

For video appointments you will need a PC/laptop with webcam or a smartphone. The following options are available

  1. Instadoc
    Complies with privacy rules. I will send you an invitation link to your cell phone (smartphone) or email and you can start the video session in a browser (Chrome-based browser appears to work best).
  2. Zoom
    Can be used on a PC/laptop or smartphone for free. Either download the software/app or just use an invitation link that I send to you via E-mail oder text message. To the best of my knowledge, Zoom complies with privacy rules (although, recently, there may have been some concerns).
  3. Signal
    Similar to WhatsApp Video but compliant with privacy rules and free to download on Play Store.
  4. Clickdoc (In preparation)
    This application is free to use during the Covid-Pandemia and guarantees safe data and video transfer according to the current privacy policy. You do not need to install any software on your computer or smartphone. I will send you a link which will automatically open a safe channel.
  5. Skype
    You need to install Skype on your PC/laptop or smartphone. It is easy to use and usually works very well.
    My Skype Name: moritz.muelbacher
  6. WhatsApp Video
    You can use your Smartphone for WhatsApp Video. However, the transmission of videos can sometimes be a bit shaky and wobbly.
  7. Google Duo
    Usually preinstalled on any Android smartphone, an easy way for video calls using your cell phone number.

Prescriptions etc. can be sent via normal mail following a telephone or video appointment. In urgent cases, I can also send a prescription to your pharmacy via fax or – woth your explicit consent – Email.