Citicolin: Benefits for Alzheimer’s?

 Pietro Gareri, MD, PhD, Ambulatory Center for Dementia, Catanzaro, Italy. Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) 2012. Developing Topics Sessions Presentation 04-12-05. Presented July 18, 2012.

CDP-Cholin (Citicolin) is a dietary supplement. It is  imporant for nerve cell mebranes and functioning and is thought to possess antioxidative und neuroprotective  properties.

A clinical trial in patients with Alzheimer’s showed significant benefits im compariosn to placebo.. Of a total of 349 patients, those treated with citicolin did not show a deterioration of cognitive functioning during a 9-month observation period. The difference was significant in comparison to placebo.

Comment: Current medication for Alzheimer’s  seems to work –  but it doesn’t achieve miracles. Any possible future additional therapy approach is therefore good news.