Dietary Supplement Offers Hope for Schizophrenia Prevention…?


Perinatal Choline Effects on Neonatal Pathophysiology Related to Later Schizophrenia Risk 
Randal G. Ross, M.D.; Sharon K. Hunter, Ph.D.; Lizbeth McCarthy, M.D.; Julie Beuler, B.S.; Amanda K. Hutchison, M.D.; Brandie D. Wagner, Ph.D you could try these out.; Sherry Leonard, Ph.D.; Karen E. Stevens, Ph.D.; Robert Freedman, M.D.
Am J Psychiatry 2013;:. 10.1176/appi.ajp.2012.12070940
Perinatal supplementation of the essential nutrient choline may lead to a lower risk of children developing schizophrenia, new research suggests. 
In a placebo-controlled trial, babies who received supplementation of choline starting in the second trimester of pregnancy and continued through the third postnatal month showed special features of brain functioning associated with a lower risk of psychotic disorders in later life in comparison to babies who received placebo treatment.
However, the question if this finding actually translates into a lower risk of developpping schizophrenia in later life remains unanswered for now and can only be properly adressed by a long term follow up of the babies in the study.