(Post-) Corona Psychosyndrome?

By now, I have had three cases sharing a stunningly similar history and clinic.
All of them were female, aged 40-60 y/o.
They all had extremely suspicious Corona-like symptoms in March (peak of COVID in Austria), including

– fever
-shortness of breath, coughing
– fatigue
– feeling sick „unlike ever before“
– pain „everywhere“
– they were not able to even get up from their bed or lift a spoon to eat soup.

They were all tested negative via PCR – but much too late (at a time when you would expect a negative result, no matter what).

Two had no psychiatric history before, one had a history of panic attacks and PTSD decades ago, remitted, and had not needed treatment since then.

NOW, months later:

– physically still disabled
– sometimes bouts of coughing, shortness of breath, some days good, some days horible
– senses (smelling) still disturbed

– affective dysregulation: some days good, some days (maybe 4/7) severely depressed, even suicidal
However: on good days, no depressive symptoms at all!
– fatigue
– being short tempered
– anger
– social withdrawal
– sleep issues

Three similar cases in a row a too much to not make me suspicious.
Cornoavirus harms small vessels (endothelium) and thus the brain.
The symptoms could correspond to a malfcuntion of the frontal lobe and the lymbic system post-corona.